Unlocking Success: Mastering Facebook Marketing Strategies for Optimal Business Growth

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1) What Is Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is a type of marketing but using Facebook and it's resources as a medium. Mind you Facebook owns Instagram, facebook messenger and whatsapp messenger, so marketing on Facebook involves using all those resources.

To market on Facebook, you will need to have a Facebook account, and a Facebook page, you can create one in your account by simply navigating to pages and then navigating to "create a Facebook page".

Once you have a Facebook page, you will have access to Facebook's broad marketing resources and they are free to use for as long as your page quality is good and have no policy violations. Please take note, for you not to mess up in the future and having your efforts go to a waste, take the time to read the Facebook's community policies because violation of these policies can hinder your page in a very bad way.

Facebook has a Business Suite that allows you to work on your accounts more productively. You can link your Facebook page to your Whatsapp and Instagram accounts. You can create posts and ad campaigns that can run on both your Facebook page and Instagram account once the two are linked, also, you can receive messages to your Whatsapp account directly from your Facebook page and posts. This makes your customer service more liquid and easy to manage.

2) Is Facebook Marketing Free

Marketing on Facebook is generally free. There is free methods and paid methods such as Facebook Ads ran from the Facebook Ad Center.

If you wish to market on Facebook free of charge, all you need is a Facebook account or a Facebook page. You can freely market your products to your friends and friends of your friends depending on their account privacy policy settings.

You can alternatively create a Facebook page where you can market your products to the people who follow it or those that like it. This method does not generate a lot of reach since you will be solely depending on organic traffic.

A word of mouth can also be effective when using this method, telling your friends and family to like and follow your page. You can also improve your reach by making great quality content.

3) How Do I Maximize My Reach

Well, when you are marketing via your facebook account and facebook page, it is only your friends and followers that will actually see your content. This can become more frustrating over time as you may want to reach more people that may be interested in your content.

So to maximize your reach you will have to post more frequently, posting engaging and great quality content. Your content should be something people want to see, put your best efforts in every post.

Implement the use of hash-tags in the descriptions. Facebook algorithm tends to favor videos that are at least 5 minutes long and dynamic. By "Dynamic" I mean that your videos should be taken from different angles and have transitions that can catch the viewers attention. So keep that in mind when editing your videos.

With the introduction of "shorts or Facebook reels" that means that videos of 5 seconds to 30 seconds now can be greatly favored by the algorithm, so you should make short, clear-cut videos that can effectively communicate to the viewers to capture their attention and get them to do what you want them to do.

Another way to maximize reach is through Facebook ads. Facebook ads are a great way to target a specific audience, but they are not free. Paid ads generate a lot of reach. You can run Facebook ads to promote your page, posts or videos to your target audience. This method is reliable since Facebook has billions of users and Facebook understands their interests, so with the right targeting, you can place your great quality ads in the face of those you think may be interested.

Facebook ads are not very expensive but they bring results. Your ads will be placed on Facebook timeliness, Facebook messenger or instagram, provided that you linked your Facebook page to your Instagram account.You can post to your Instagram and Facebook directly from Facebook or Instagram.

4) How To Create A Facebook Page

To create a Facebook page you must first have a Facebook account. To create a Facebook account, go to https://www.facebook.com and navigate to create new account, follow the prompts and before you know it, you successfully created a facebook account.

Now that you have a Facebook account, login into your account and navigate to pages from the main menu, click on create a Facebook page and from there, follow the prompts.

Just make sure you pick a name that is not already taken and your Facebook cannot have special characters. You can add your phone number to your Facebook page, website address, link your social media accounts and more. But those you can do them after you complete creating the Facebook page. Put a cover page and profile picture. Facebook may ask you to invite your friends to like the page but this step is not compulsory.

To really get your Facebook page professionally setup, you can hire a design agency to really build a page that speaks effectively speaks to your target audience. You can request for such services from design corp for a very small fee.

5) What Should I Expect Once I Have A Facebook Page

A Facebook page is a great step towards building a strong online presence because Facebook has a lot of users and it has other social media platforms that can link to this giant and all these other platforms have billions of users. Instagram , Whatsapp , Facebook Messenger and more are social media platforms that are owned Facebook so it is most definite that you will reach a lot of people once you have a Facebook page.

All you need is a clear objective and a way to measure the results. An objective could be to get people to whatsapp you, buy something from your website, visit your website and the like, so Facebook statistics keep you up to date about the activities on your Facebook page.

Social media management services can be offered to give you professional services in improving your results. Agencies such as design corp offer these services at the lowest possible prices in South Africa.

6) Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses

Small businesses can take advantage of Facebook resources to improve their reach. They can sell on facebook through Facebook shops a feature any Facebook page can have as long as they sell products that are not in violation of Facebook community policies.

It is critical to know and understand these policies in order to not hinder the quality of your page. Facebook reserves the right to unpublish or restrict your page from using their marketing resources if your Facebook page violates their policies. I cannot stress this enough but you get my point.

Small businesses can improve their reach also by running Facebook ads at very low costs and there is chances of earning coupons that allows you to run ads free of charge until your ad credit runs out.

Marketing Agencies know better about the strength of these ads, find yourself a professional at affordable prices: design corp.

The Good Thing About Digital Marketing it can be done even in the comfort of your bed. All that matters is your skills. Alternatively, you can pay someone who is skilled in this field to do it for you.

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