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"Marketing" is a crucial aspect of every business. In one way or another, every business requires some sort of marketing, be it social media marketing or word-of-mouth.

Your prospects first need to know all kinds of things about your business before they can engage with it. It could be knowledge about services that you offer, how good or competent your prices are, the location of your business...just anything about your business in general.

It is your duty to control the narrative, and social media can be the ideal place to do just that. When running a business, it is best to have a business plan and in that business plan, you must have a strong
marketing plan because marketing is a highly significant step every business and should'nt be overlooked. Marketing brings about realization and with that realisation comes accessibility, then conversion.

You might be asking yourself, how do I market my business and advertise online using social media the right way? Well, this blog post will tell you how. Alternatively, look no further, Havealot Design Corp has some lucrative digital marketing packages.

    In order to use these strategies, you need to ask yourself these three important questions:

  • 1) Do my prospects ask a question before making a buying decision? (Buyer-Intent Type Of Questions)
  • 2) What problems and frustrations are my prospects currently dealing with that my services can solve?
  • 3) Has anyone ever experienced something awful because they did not use your product or service?

1) Do my prospects ask a question before making a buying decision?

So in order to attract valuable leads through social media, you will first need to put yourself in the position of a buyer and ask yourself questions that your ideal prospects would ask themselves before buying your products or services. Asking yourself these questions will build understanding of your ideal client profile.

For example, lets say Company A sells motor vehicles and you visit it looking forward to buying a car for yourself. Once you get to the Dealership and start checking the cars...you will find out that there are lots of questions you will find asking either the car dealer or yourself.

You might ask the car dealer the price of the car and payment plans, and ask yourself if you can afford it or not. You might ask the dealer the rate at which the car consumes petrol and all the other qualities that could make a car standout for you. Now, if Company A has an effective social media marketing plan, they could have used all these potential questions you are asking to market their vehicles...which might be the reason why you find yourself visiting this Car Dealer in the first place.
NB: If their marketing is effective, you should be sold even before you get to the dealership to see the actual cars.

So from this example you can actually see that in your social media content, it is highly effective to have content that give answers to the potential questions your target market may later find themselves asking you.

2)What problems and frustrations are my prospects currently dealing with that my products or services can solve?

If you are selling a product or service, you obviously have a target market and understanding your target market is crucial to your success. You need to know as much as you can about your target market and for this reason, data collection has become a big business and the Big Tech companies are racking all the cash.

These Big Tech companies collect our data, and they sell it to marketing agencies and these marketing agencies spend billions of dollars every year on your data because they know that your information helps them to understand you better.

They want to know everything about you down to the last bit. They want to know your habits, where you do your shopping, how frequent you do it, where you work, how many kids you have, your occupation, whether you have a birth-mark on your left butt-cheek or not, how many dating partners you have, single, married or divorced, whether you are into casual sex or...okay okay, maybe I am getting a little carried away but have you ever asked yourself why there is that Shoprite Smart-Shopper Card or Pick n' Pay Smart Shopper Card besides the fact that you get a small discount every now and then?

I will leave that to your own opinion...but the crux of the matter is that they want to know you. Your data is a gold mine to them, you are a gold mine and they are handling it with exquisite precision.

With the information they have about you, they can therefore strategize and come up with methods that can get you tipping with interest in what they put in your face...like the ad below and you are gonna click it because it is enticing, it is something you are interested in or you have shown interest in somewhere before.

So know and understand your target market so that you may know how to effectively communicate to them through your favourite social media platforms. Alternatively, you can leave it to the gurus in this field. Havealot Design corp can handle all your social media needs with extensive professionalism.

3) Has anyone ever experienced something awful because they did not use your product or sevices?

A case study is a very effective way to engage with your prospects hence it is very crucial that you build a community around your product or services. What do I mean by that? What I mean is, it is wise and efffective to have a platform where your clients and potential clients engage...this could be a facebook or whatsapp group or even telegram or a blog post on your official website.

This step is effective in the sense that customers or clients get to share their experiences and this helps to build loyalty above all things. It helps you to get more returning customers than the buy-once-never-see-me-agains.

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December Special: Need a website?

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